Jazz Fitness is one of the best fitness club in Dubai that highlight the finest modern facilities, and with pro fitness trainers available to provide excellent class in Yoga, Zumba and Bollywood Fitness.

As the wellness pioneers of the Middle East, it is our primary goal to furnish individuals with the inspiration, motivation and the direction to be as well as can be expected. We are attempting to make well being and wellness a piece of everybody’s lives, one individual at any given moment, with a mission to help you Go Further in life.

Fitness activities are essential to prevent and reduce risks of many diseases and improve physical and mental health. Besides helping you be in shape and enjoy a fit and healthy lifestyle, physical activity offers great mental and social benefits as well.

With the hectic and strenuous lifestyle people lead in this part of the world, there is minimal options for workout. This calls out for a dedicated fitness system which suits the requirement and tastes of our clients and that’s how the JAZZ FITNESS was born. Our fitness courses when practiced regularly and in the right way has helped our clients in providing better quality of life, improved sleep, lesser stress, a sense of confidence, healthier social and personal relationships.

Jazz Fitness is one of the best fitness classes in Dubai that offers you cozy rates on the right services you deserve.


Are you trying to lose weight? Do you need an interesting way to get in shape? If you answer yes to both the questions, you are at the right place. Staying happy and healthy is a deadly combination. It is not an easy job to get in shape by keeping your mind healthy. So the creative community had designed a way to stay healthy by making the exercises more interesting. Instead of heading into a gym, we can try out new ways to stay fit. Here are the health benefits of certain new trends in fitness which are offered by Jazz fitness, best fitness club in Dubai

Benefits of Yoga

Yoga is one of the widely accepted relaxing as well as fitness methods used around the world. There are many health benefits of yoga. Some of them are:

Relaxes your body and mind

Most of us suffers from stiff muscles and bones which can contribute in severe pain and digestive issues. Yoga gives a relaxation to the entire body because it is mostly related to stretches and breathing. It soothes the nerves with various asana and pranayama. Yoga increases flexibility and makes the body function more efficiently.

Treats insomnia

An adult should sleep minimum for 8 hours which has just become a dream for many people. Due to the work load, studies and even tensions had spoiled our sleep. Do not worry. Grab the roots of yoga and get a sound sleep. A recent study shows that people who does yoga sleeps better and they seemed to be happier.

Improves respiration, energy, cardio health and blood circulation

Yogic asana and pranayama increases the oxygen intake. It improves the immune system and energy levels along with proper blood circulation. It boosts the heart health and reduces blockages. As yoga functions as a protector of immune system, it gives a protection from injuries as well.

Helps in maintaining a balanced metabolism and weight loss

Our body undergoes many pressure tests and it may affect our metabolism. As we tend to remain as couch potatoes, the body fat starts accumulating in our body which can increase the body weight. Yoga keeps your stomach issues under control. It can heal constipation, bowel disorders and other food related issues. It increases the appetite and gives a natural glow to skin. Burning the extra weight will keep the body fit and fresh.

Boosts the positivity and activeness

Yoga keeps your mind calm and it results in clearer focus. This helps in creating more output in work and studies. People who does yoga regularly seems to be more active and happy. Being happy can give you a positive outlook towards life which makes it beautiful.

So why to wait? Join the best yoga classes in Dubai. Stay positive! Stay healthy!

Benefits of Zumba and Bollywood

Zumba is more than an exercise. It is fun. Shedding weight by enjoying what you do is wonderful. If you have the urge to dance, Jazz fitness is the best place to join. Zumba and Bollywood are the two highlighted courses offered here. Both of it has fast music which can go up to 145 beats per minute.

Some of the best benefits of getting into Zumba and Bollywood courses are:

Calorie and fat burning

With the fast and rhythmic music, an average person burns up to 600-1000 calories in a class. It includes squats, plyometric jumps, pushups and much more. The best part is that everything comes as dance movements and we won’t be feeling it as an exercise.

Improves co-ordination

When our body does not co-ordinate properly, we can choose this course at any time. People having co-ordination issues, can definitely give it a try.

It is a full body workout

These two classes provides a full body workout which improves heart health by removing blockages and proper blood circulation. It gives a complete workout from head to toes. It can loosen the stiff neck and joints. Lower and upper body are all engaged when performing these courses which will never feel like an exercise but an entertainment.

Happiness to exercise

There are thousand excuses we can give for not exercising but by joining any of these courses can definitely give you one strong reason to go for it. The group of people we get there to work out with will be all enthusiastic and all will be focusing on the fun part of workout. This is the real hit point of such courses. Fitness clubs in Dubai have similar programs for weekly as well as weekend basis.

Everyone can join

The best part is that everyone can join the course. There are programs for different age groups which benefits for late joiners as well. It can help to create new friends from different streams and it will be so much fun to be with people with similar interests.

Boosting confidence

Most of us are stuck with certain inhibitions and inferiority complexes. Zumba and Bollywood will help us overcome this. Dancing in front of everyone, mostly together with people solves this. Dance out the problems and get in to a different and happy you.

Improves mood

It is a platform to forget our problems and free our mind. People who comes to Zumba after office, they can free their mind with the fast music. It literally improves the mood and makes us happy as well as relaxed. More or less all of us prefer to stay in happy mood and this helps in having good behavior and a  positive outlook to life.


Getting to meet different people from various places can definitely makes us more social. This helps in creating a feeling of togetherness. We may get a chance to build a fantastic group there. Especially in a place like Dubai, we can overcome the boredom and loneliness by being a part of such fun loving community.

Do not wait to get in shape in one of the cheapest gym in Dubai! Every day is a chance to improve yourself and the best option can be that of Jazz fitness –  best fitness club in Dubai

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