A lot of fad diets have made their mandatory rounds in almost every average
person’s lifespan in their humble attempt to shed some weight and maintain a healthy lifestyle. Unfortunately as is well known by now, fad diets are extremely and highly unsuccessful. Unsuccessful in maintaining persistence and perseverance in the common man. Why is it that the golden keys to a great life and living is often amiss? Lets us have an in-depth look into what it takes to have a great, simple and gratifying lifestyle. Fitness clubs in Dubai
encourage the importance of a well balanced proper diet as a stepping stone towards a healthy lifestyle.The following five points seem to help charter a base outline for a good start.

Eating five small and well balanced meals a day- Eating more frequently yet smaller portions of food in comparison to heavier thrice a day meals have proven beneficial and effective to maintain a strong digestion and better distribution of a day’s energy expenditure. We often tend to have a heavy breakfast and then starve till lunch and repeat the same for dinner.What happens in such a format is that energy is unequally distributed and calories are consumed at a much faster alarming rate than what is actually required.

Drinking plenty of fluids- Consumption of water and non-sugary diluted fruit juice aids in multiple ways to curb hunger as well as promote faster and efficient digestion. A sluggish digestive system is a primary cause of bloating and weight gain along with low and decreased energy levels.Fitness clubs in Dubai stress and highlight the importance of adequate hydration towards a healthier lifestyle. Fluids help to maintain vitality and strength of skin, nails and hair as well.

Choosing unsaturated oils and butters and placing them well spread through the day – Unsaturated oils in place of more harmful saturated oils help to mobilise more free radicals and thereby making the circulation of antioxidants more rapid. In the long run, saturated fatty oils are more prone to clogging of arteries and blood vessels. Choosing healthier unsaturated oils will ensure that one’s lifespan is longer and quality is better. Inclusion of beans, pulses and cereals- Beans and legumes are power packed macronutrients that promote health. Inexpensive and easily procurable, this section of raw materials create a more balanced and well rounded nutrient source to a person living in today’s day and age of stress and heavy workloads. Including the same in salads, soups and quick bites ensures the much-needed energy spikes are maintained and distributed on a timely basis.

Dairy or dairy alternatives – Including Vit D rich dairy products or even dairy alternatives on a regular basis takes care of sections of our food balance wheel that one may tend to overlook. Milk or milk alternatives provide rich sources of calcium and Vit d that are building blocks of good bones and general vitality. Including them (and not skipping them) is a kind deed you can do to yourself for which your bones will be thankful in the later years to come.

A well balanced and more importantly a persistent and healthy diet is what will lead one to a satisfying and gratifying lifestyle. One works hard, takes the stress of the world only in the vague hope of a good tomorrow. Fitness clubs in Dubai are now working towards achieving a holistic approach towards a fitter lifestyle. The building stones of tomorrow is the health of today and that is achieved by a well balanced diet along with exercise.

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