Zumba Classes in Dubai

An attempt to keep fit in this busy hectic monotonous schedule of today’s modern day is no mean feat. Sometimes time constraints narrow your choices or the weather is uncooperative for an outdoor walk. Hitting a gym is a rigorous and monotonous program for most who only aims to shed a few kilos and maintain their ideal weight, unlike those who are looking towards mass muscle building and section wise toning. In a busy city like Dubai, finding alternative choices, though many are confusing to say the least. This is where fun activities like Zumba, Aerobics, Bollywood dance and other dance-form workouts come into play and importance.  Confused where to look for the  Best Zumba classes in Dubai?  Unsure about what to look for while choosing a good  Best Zumba class in Dubai? Let’s take a walk through the broad horizons of fitness through dance.

What is Zumba and how is it different from Aerobics? Which one should I go for?

 One loses weight when the number of calories burnt is more than the calories consumed. In a gym structure, exercises can be monotonous and often performed individually. Motivation and persistence is heavily affected. The “fun” aspect of working out is missing. Aerobics and Zumba are among the best choices for people looking to a form of fitness yet escape the monotony of doing it.

A one-hour Zumba involves moving your body continuously to Latin American dance music, which makes you, sweat, exhausts you and in effect helps you, burn fat. The best part being the fun. Aerobics on the other hand is designed to target body parts in sections. The emphasis on muscle workouts and more of physical training steps rather than dance movements make it slightly harder than Zumba but the perfect choice for those who wish to incorporate a bit of muscle group focus along with fast step movements.

Both are equally good at toning the body and maintaining a continuous interest in fitness.

Are there other newer forms of dance fitness apart from Zumba?  

Apart from popular forms like Zumba and Aerobics that everyone is aware of by now, there are newer forms of fitness targeted dance forms these days. Bollywood dance for fitness is one such relatively new and interesting genre. Here, peppy Bollywood numbers are played, either as a single song or a medley fusion and a coordinated choreographed dance is taught and practiced. This strikes a chord with those who love dancing or swaying to peppy numbers. Particularly targeting audiences who do not have any formal dance education but always groove to fast beat numbers. Experienced choreographers incorporate movements that involve the whole body and are fast paced, ensuring a good moderate level workout in the process.

Best Zumba Classes in Dubai are found in well-established and ever-evolving fitness centers, Jazz Fitness UAE. Be it Zumba, Aerobics, Bollywood dance or any other forms of dance incorporated fitness modalities, the key important pointers are the element of fun and enjoyment that comes into play along with the target of achieving a healthier fit body. Monotony is at bay and one’s social circle booms with people of similar likes getting together. If Gym is not your thing, do not get disheartened and steer yourself away from your attempts at fitness. Dance our way through a healthier, happier life!

Join our Zumba Classes in Al Qusais Dubai with our Zumba Licensed Instructors to experience the happiest way to burning calories. For more details contact us here: http://jazzfitnessuae.com/contact-us/

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